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Patrick Tardif

Team partypoker

Travis Darroch - Team partypoker

Name: Travis Darroch

Nationality: Canadian

partypoker screen name: DramaticDegen

Travis Darroch initially started streaming his poker sessions on Twitch as a hobby whist he pursued an acting career. Fastforward a couple of years, and his Twitch channel has grown so popular that he has decided to set aside his acting ambitions.

The Canadian has always liked the concept of being his own boss, and after watching the cult-classic movie Rounders, the idea of one day becoming a professional poker player began to form. The free-spirited Canadian is disciplined at the tables however, and has managed to consistently post impressive results across a range of mid-stakes MTT formats.

Owing to his acting days, Travis is a natural in front of the camera. Every tournament run is compelling viewing, and you can’t help but cheer on the likeable Canadian as he continues to climb his way up through the stakes!

You can follow Travis on his Twitch channel dramaticdegen.